Occupational therapists will often recommend stairlifts for a myriad of reasons, from temporary disabilities to permanent issues with walking or standing. However, once an OT recommends it, the next step if finding out how much buying and installing one in your home will cost. Generally, it would involve a feasibility study by the stairlift company.

Most OTs will be more than happy to recommend a couple of stairlift companies near you. You can also get stairlifts in London by visiting the Disabled Living Foundation’s Living Made Easy site. Here you will find details about every stairlift model from local manufacturers that are members of the British Healthcare Trade Association. As a general rule of thumb choose stairlifts by companies that are members of the BHTA, because that way you know that they are following a laid-out code of practice.

What Can You Expect to Pay for Stairlifts?
It goes without saying that stairlifts are pretty expensive, but interestingly the cost of buying and installing one has remained pretty stable for the past decade. In terms of pricing, you’ll be looking at paying somewhere around £2,000 for lower-priced stairlifts in London and other cities. More expensive stairlift prices in the UK are upwards of £6,000.

Homes that have curved or unusually tall stairs will require stairlifts with additional features that make them more expensive. The average price for a stairlift continues to hover at the £3,369 mark. The average for a curved staircase stairlift is around £4500, and straight staircase stairlifts are an average £2700.

Stairlifts are available in a myriad of prices, and a lot depends on the quality as well as the brand. People who have a lower budget can also choose to buy a used stairlift. Stairlifts can also be cheaper for homes that have two flights of stairs that have a sort of landing area between them.

Curved stairlifts can be tricky to design and install, which is what makes them expensive. Generally, a deposit will be required since they are customized to your home’s stairs. However, this deposit isn’t necessary for straight stairlifts.

Get a Quote from the Stairlift Company

The best way to know how stairlift prices UK will affect you and your home is to get a quote from the company. A stairlifts company such as Uk Mobility Stairlifts London will arrange for a feasibility study, during which you should ensure that your occupational therapist is present. You can also ask your OT to provide clear instructions in writing if they can’t make it for the inspection.

After the study has been concluded, the rep from the company will provide you with a quote either immediately or after a few days. The quote will usually include the total pricing, which is preceded by a breakdown listing installation, warranty, aftercare costs, etc.

When considering stairlifts always make sure that you find out their running costs. Costs of things like electricity are essential. You should always buy stairlifts that offer the lowest operating costs, so that it saves money in the long-term.